Welcome to C'est Japon à Suisha

Established since 1976, Owner Mike Arai and Executive Chef Mitsuo Yamaguchi. We are pleased to serve you from the heart, after 33 years of service we are still maintaining our originality and tradition. We are very proud to have served our Japanese emperor & empress for special events on a very special Ottawa visit July 7th 2009. We are always looking forward to serve you our tradition.

The symbol of our restaurant, and part of its name is "Suisha," Japanese for "waterwheel." Japan long ago learned to utilize the power of the suisha for the benefit of its people. At first, suisha was used in the milling of rice and wheat. Much later, the suisha provided electricity. In fact, even today, in rural areas of Japan, one can still discover the suisha turning as they have turned for centuries, providing the farmer with a dependable source of energy.

Few things are as soothing to the senses, especially on a hot summer afternoon, as the sight and sound of a waterwheel turning slowly and steadily as the water splashes down in a never-ending cascade. I hope our suisha conveys to you something of our philosophy at the Suisha Gardens - to provide you with a relaxed environment in which to enjoy, time and again, our Japanese cuisine.

"New name, same great sushi" ---- by Anne DesBrisay, Citizen Special